Home Bookkeeping

Save yourself from debt and make your money go further

Home Bookkeeping has all the necessary features to help you calculate and analyze your cash flows. A built-in reporting engine helps you to focus on various aspects of your budgeting. Graphical diagrams make it easy, even for non-experienced users. Income and spending planners will help you to stop wasting money and to start saving.

Useful features:

  • Multi-user support. Many users can run Home Bookkeeping, each logging in using their own password-protected username. Adding/editing/deletion of users is handled through the User Manager
  • Expense record keeping
  • Income record keeping
  • Made/repaid debts records keeping
  • Partial debt repayment
  • Interest rates
  • Debt repayment monitoring
  • Debt reminder feature
  • Expense planning
  • Income planning
  • Accounts
  • Up to five different currencies supported
  • Currency exchange
  • Search
  • Filtering and Quick Search
  • Export data to fifteen various formats
  • Transferring/moving data
  • Database synchronization
  • Backup copies creation
  • Database compression
  • Database clearing
  • Print
  • Reports and charts creation
  • User interface settings
  • Auto start-up schedule manager
  • Program update via the Internet
  • Tips

User reviews about Home Bookkeeping

  • jthornton

    by jthornton

    "In it for the money."

    I've always been rubbish at keeping my finances in check and this could be just the answer. I don't think it's gonna mak... More.

    reviewed on April 24, 2006